Support for Elvox Due Fili+ Intercoms


Elvox (now owned by Vimar) Due Fili+ is becoming increasingly popular.
It goes without saying that I have a Due Fili+ Intercom, model Elvox 6329C (Giotto).

I have tried the Generic Bus Intercom configuration setup, I am afraid without success (the opener cannot learn nor the door opening nor the door call signals).

Anybody has had a better luck? Any chance the Nuki team is already looking into supporting this family of Intercoms?


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Can you please post a picture of the internals of your intercom?

I will send you further instructions via PM.


In particular, see attached.


Forgot to mention: RED bus is connected to BUS 1, BLACK bus is connected to BUS 2.

3 and 4 are for external door bell. 12 and 13 for additional Intercom, V3 and M are for controlling an additional 12VDC door lock (i.e. if you want to intercept from the Intercom the doorbell of your apartment)


I have an Elvox 6601 video intercom. Tried all day to make it work with Opener, using vendor Generic / model Bus. Same result as yours: gate doesn’t open and during configuration the button press is not intercepted.

Here is a picture of the working system and the meaning of the connections from the manual:

I think the connections are ok, but the protocol is probably not compatible.

I also have an Elvox 6329 and I would like to know if you manage to make it work with the opener. @Juergen are there ongoing actions to support Elvox 6329 intercom.
Last thing, @alexdelprete did you manage to make the Elvox 6601 work with the opener ?

Hi @Steeve,

@Juergen was really kind, we made lots of tests but nothing worked. He said he needs the hardware in lab to analyse it with an oscilloscope.

I guess that once he understands the protocol, with any hardware model implementing DueFili+ protocol, it should work with others too. Juergen told me that my specific model is not a priority for now. Hope there are other models with DueFili+ that require a closer look in the lab.

Let’s cross fingers and wait.

Hi - wondering whether this solution has been found yet? I have the same intercom and wish to install the opener

Unfortunately I had no news from @Juergen. But he told me it was not on their priority least unfortunately. We have to wait they have a device with the DueFili+ implementation and reverse engineer it.

I have an Elvox 6329 as well. Some help would be greatly appreciated!


Have you been successful in getting this to work?

We have an Elvox Giotto 6329 intercom system in our 114 appartment building.

I was planning to promote Nuki Openers with the owners and have ordered one to test.

Kind regards



i have a Elvox 6900 in our appartment building. The compatibility check on the Nuki Homepage was negative, but i hoped that maybe it can work too.

Edit: According to the manual it is also using the Due Fili+ Bus Standard…

Best regards!

hello @davidinux @wvanholder did you manage to make it work if yes could you please help me out ?

Hello, I’ve Elvox/Vimar Tab Free 4,3 Due Fili+ (cod. 7558).

I’ve tried the Generic Bus Intercom configuration setup. I don’t have cable errors, but the configuration fails.

The opener does not recognize the door opening signal on the intercom.

I am attaching an image of the inside of the video door phone.


Can anyone help me?

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I also have Elvox 6601 and would like to the opener.
I would be thankful for advice how to connect it.


I have the same Elvox/Vimar Tab Free 4,3 Due Fili+ (cod. 7558) . have you resolved the Problem?
se sei italiano possiamo comunicare anche in italiano. grazie

Ciao… non ho risolto mi dispiace

I have a 1902 (also 2-wire Digit Bus) and no luck on connecting it as a ‘generic digital bus’ intercom.
Soon will start reverse-engineering the protocol, to avoid duplicate efforts, would would like firs to ask:

  • anyone here has and can share information about the levels/timings/protocol/etc ?
  • is there any way to create a ‘definition file’ or even a (C?) library that can be submitted to the manufacturer / beta program?

@Zauberelfe00 from another thread, I understood you did already break some ground on this, anything you could please share?

Any news on this?

Hi, any news here?