Suggestion for you - white NUKI

Hello dear NUKI Team - I have a suggestion for you, which I will personally implement at my lock.

What I don’t like about NUKI is the black housing and the black magnet contact. On a white door, these two parts look as simple as a foreign body.

That’s why I’m going to paint these two elements in white.

Personally, I don’t care if the bridge is black or white, but I can imagine that the black look of the NUKI case has kept some potential buyers from buying a NUKI.

Maybe you’ll think about it … and “stylish” boxes suggest a high-quality device, but make the overall product more expensive. Personally, a “normal” box would have been enough for me, if it would have made the device cheaper.

The prices you call up for your devices are quite right … ambitious.

I just received a survey yesterday that addressed the outer appearance of the Nuki devices.

Even more than the lock, the Opener needs to be offered with a white housing.

I thought about putting some white foil over it.

… the Nuki CEO should offer an iNuki Version and increase the price by 50% .
So Apple users can be attracted :wink:

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But white colour for FOB ? - I think it will soon look very dirty because of the contact with keys and bags. There I think black is OK.

The FOB is not placed on a white wall near a white intercom handset.

“is not” ???

Did you mount the FOB on a wall? I don’t think that is the usual usage of this device. So black color for the FOB is okay.

Sorry. My mistake.
I had read in your post above that you wanted the FOB in white, but you wanted the opener in white, which makes sense.

That’s why I wrote “is not?”, because I always had FOB in mind.

By the Way - can a mod or admin move the post to the feature requests area? I think he is better off there.

I made exactly the same suggestion last year about making the lock and opener available in white.

For an intermediate solution, look here:
You can use a 3D printer to print a cover for the Nuki Opener yourself, e.g. in white :wink:

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