Softwarebridge Fire HD 10

I use the software bridge on a Fire HD 10(2019). The bridge also works, but very very slow. It takes 5-7 seconds to open the lock the first time (I tested via HTTP in the browser). If I then send the command a second time it takes about 2-3 seconds. What is the reason for this and can I speed it up? Or do I need the dedicated hardware bridge from Nuki for a fast connection? So the lock is unfortunately not usable for me :frowning:

Most likely BLE connection issues with the Fire HD. It will certainly be faster with the dedicated hardware.
Problems like yours are the main reason why the software bridge has been discontinued.

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Does anyone have in Fire HD tablet and less problems? If so, what else could I optimize? I find the SoftwareBridge so great because the tablet hangs next to the front door anyway. For the additional bridge I would spontaneously no outlet free nearby :confused: