Nuki Bridge app to be discontinued on 31 January 2021

We’d like to inform you, that with the end of January 2021 our Android software bridge will be discontinued and therefore is not available on the Google Play Store anymore.

More information can be found on our blog:

Will (a part of) the source code be available for those who want to maintain security updates themselves? Or do we have to switch to e.g. ?

It is not planned to open-source any code of the Nuki Android Bridge. The app will remain downloadable/accessible in the future through Google Play for users who installed it.

Thanks, good to know how we clients get a kick in the ass after buying it 2 months ago. Now we have to keep our Smartphones and avoid updates on android fearing that the app will crash.
Not only that the developer team isn‘t able to make an app for e.g. samsung galaxy 3, now you add some more „sorry stupid android users“.
Whats about Apple…whats the difference?

I will use it as long as possible and then switch to some other company but never buy a nuki again.

Hello Michael!

To clarify any misunderstanding, the Nuki app and Nuki hardware bridge are not effected, development and support will continue.

We discontinue the support of the Nuki software bridge. For more information visit our blog or contact your support team.