Smart Lock Firmware 3.9.0 Beta

This morning I installed FW 3.9.0 on my Smart Lock 3 Pro…
Is there some release notes ?

Hello Stefano,

Thanks for reaching out!
Beta 3.9.0 brings all the recent updates we published with Public Release 3.8.7.
Additionally this Beta implement some changes in the background for an enhanced support flow - as mentioned in the release notes:

Nuki Smart Lock 3.9.0 Beta

  • Improvements in the background for a better support flow

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How can we efficiently beta-test a release with a so difficult to understand list of change?
I mean we don’t really know what to test exactly with this release note, which is a paradox for a beta version in my opinion.


Hi all,

I’m also a little bit puzzled by the way the beta versions are handled. I’ve chosen Nuki due to being available on the market for quite some time. But my experiences to far are half-backed. Too many unexpected issues …

I also installed Beta 3.9.0 meanwhile. MQTT tends to be more stable now. But still not really reliable for proper smarthome usage. Nuki is the only device, I have such problems with in my iobroker based setup. To my impression, the recommendation in the forum here by a user, to ping the lock every 30s seems to have had the most impact on a more reliable reporting (even though draining the battery more).

Since the Beta versions installed, I meanwhile also have had several wrong reportings by the door sensor, that I didn’t have the month before with the stable firmware. All of a sudden, door is reported open - even tough its closed and no-one touched.

Based on my personal experience so far, I would think twice, if I would buy a Nuki lock again. Too much playing around with stuff, that should work out of the box. And even with stable firmware and app, we had to use the backup door key several times meanwhile (last time had been, that automatic battery pack detection went crazy and shutdown the lock due to undervoltage - could only be resolved explicit selection).



I can confirm that I also have these false detection reported by door sensor … using the HA Nuki integration Nuki - Home Assistant
(not using MQTT because I had in the past many problems with it)
I am using the various Beta FW from many months …

I also have some annoying issues, even since 3.8.x E.G. remote actions from the app impossible and I had no answer at all when mentioning it. Which was not the case before.

And yesterday MQTT reported the lock was unlocked when it was not the case.
The smart lock received payloads so was still connected to the broker but did not publish its state to MQTT.
In the Android app, it was correctly reported as locked, luckily I had the the remote action and state issue :slight_smile:

I was enthusiast with the SL3P until now but it is unfortunately changing.

Your lock has (and always had) phases in which it reconnects often or does not even succeed in reconnecting. There is no pattern to it and it most likely does not have to do with the Smart Lock itself but other traffic that is flowing through your router. Switching power saving to “fast” once it becomes available for 3.x firmwares might help you there.

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t see which kind of traffic on my network could have this kind of consequence unfortunately. Maybe MDNS from speakers and other chromecast?

Is it something only available for 3.0?
I have not found about it on this forum, so I am curious to know about what you refer to…


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