Smart Lock Firmware 2.7.x/1.9.x Beta

Hallo zusammen, das Installationsprobem (Betaprogramm) Smart Lock 1.0 Software 1.9.1 auf 1.9.3 hat heute mit Firmware 2.6.7 (.vorher 2.6.6) auf anhieb geklappt. Kein Abbruch mehr…
Danke für das Bugfixen in der App (Android)

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I see if a enter the house via the back door the nuki on the front door opens.
I tested this by specifically approaching the house from the back and approach the front door from behind, nuki still unlocks the door.

I expected nuki bluetooth SW to be able to distinguish the direction I approach the lock and open if approaching from the front and not from behind the lock.

Is this a known issue or a new one?

Lock Firmware: 2.7.12
App sw: 2.6.7

Nuki does not have the functionality to differentiate the direction of approach (which in general is not reliably doable between 2 devices with bluetooth. You need at least a 3rd reference point and some sort of calibration).

The installation problem (Beta program) Smart Lock 1.0 firmware 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 did work today with software 2.6.4 (iOS).
Thank you!

Please can you add an option to unlock and keep it unlocked so that for instance one is getting some friends over then one doesn’t want the lock to lock all the time and having to unlock it. So that you can via the app press keep unlocked and then can lock via the app or via the lock manually

Why not just deactivate „Auto Lock“ for this time period?

I could but that is not what I had in mind. I was hoping that I found a setting for it. 1x pressing and 2x pressing and I found disable but that just disables all gestures for that, would be great to be able to deactivate autolock, but there is not really any settings for the door sensor part.

You can file a feature request for it.

Thank you @Juergen have added the request

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Hello. Since today installed 2.7.20 firmware, the nuki lock clutch doesn’t disengage. Opening with key or with the nuki knob always forces the motor. I have already reset the lock and switched batteries but stays the same. clutch always engaged. Any help? Thanks

Hi @orcas,

does the Nuki smart lock stay also engaged when you remove the batteries?
What do you mean with “always forces the motor”?
Could you provide a screenshot of the activity log? I suppose there might be some helpful entries in there.

Thanks a lot!

yes, it stays engaged even without batteries. I think it’s defective, but the problem only occurred after install of 2.7.20. It has now reported error 4B. I have sent a mail to Thanks

With 2.7.12 auto-lock and auto-unlock worked perfect. After updating to 2.7.13 and yesterday 2.7.20 auto-lock isn’t working and auto-unlock only works with long delay.
If I unlock the door manually, auto-unlock is activated even if the door is open

Also here after update to public 2.7 auto-unlock with long delay of 20-30 seconds with both of our smartphones. Before with the last public 2.6 firmware it was working very good within up to 5 seconds.

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Enhanced HomeKit lock/unlock/unlatch behavior
How it works?

I do have a big problem with the newest firmware.
I installed Version 2.7.21 yesterday.

After that it tried to calibrate but motor was blocked.
Everytime it should perform an action the motor is blocked.

It doesn’t even release the clutch.

I already removed the batteries several times without any change.

Any idea?

Original post has been updated with release notes for Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.4.

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