Smart Lock 3.9.x Beta

Smart Lock 3.0 Updates

Smart Lock 3.0 Beta 3.9.0

  • Improvements in the background for a better support flow

Smart Lock 3.0 Beta 3.9.1

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
    • Improved reconnect handling for the Nuki server connection
    • Adapted QoS settings for the MQTT auto discovery
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I updated to this version and now I have problem connecting my nuki 3.0 pro with MQTT.
Before with 3.8.x beta was working.

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After updating to 3.9.1 my device is having problem with HA, a lot of disconnection that persist for half or more hours… it’s a disaster Nuki…
By the way i have:

  • Fritzbox 7590 with latest firmware
  • Home assistant full updated
  • battery set to medium in Nuki app

That’s why I am not using anymore MQTT with HA… too unstable from too long time…

I am using Nuki lock custom (hass_nuki_ng) integration and it works quote good with Nuki 3 Pro


Can confirm from my end as well, that MQTT got worse with 3.9.1 - had been ok with 3.9.0, still. Feels like one step forward, and then two steps back. If I extrapolate the MQTT experiences, then have fun with Thread. I’ll give up to expect anything …

3.9.1 works perfectly for me, however not using HA (only Homekit Integration)

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I got a replacement because i Had a Motor issue with my old nuki. I am now in the beta Programm with my new one and i am having issues with my WiFi Connection. Maybe the mqtt issues are WiFi issues as well?

I also experience issues in HA. While looking in to this I noticed that indeed the wifi has issues, like @eric1905 says. In Unifi I can see the WiFi experience is switching constantly from excellent to poor. I also noticed in the Nuki app that WiFi was disconnected sometimes.

This is a big issue for me. As I understand I have no possibility to go to a stable wifi firmware?

Most WIFi and MQTT related problems origin from the power saving that the Nuki Smart Locks have to apply and use in order to achieve a certain lifetime based on the 4xAA batteries while being fully connected and online.

Therefore, most of the issues do not rely only on the Nuki Smart Lock but also on the given network infrastructure and settings. To check if generally a stable connection is possible we suggest to adapt the WiFi power saving of the Nuki Smart Lock and observe the stability.

With the recent firmware you can change the aggressiveness of the WiFi power saving by setting Smart Lock > Settings > Features & Configuration > Battery > Energy-saving mode to “FAST”. This will deactivate all power saving options and should provide you the best possible user experience while also draining the most power from the batteries.

If this works out nicely, you can then set the Energy-saving mode to “MEDIUM” to get the stability and power drain more into balance.

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@fbloemhof / @eric1905 : Please apply the described steps and report your findings.

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Changed the setting, lock became unavailable again after this.

I already tried this a few days ago but the lock was still having issues. I then set it to medium because i read in another thread that this could help. I now changed it back to fast and will check tomorrow if it helped.

I have 3.9.0 and it runs stable with MQTT and HA. I also have Nuki Power Pack permanently plugged in to AC adaptor, so no problems of battery drain.
Reading the above I am hesistant to upgrade to 3.9.1
Why can’t we downgrade if a beta version has issues?

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I Changed it Yesterday. But until now No improvement. I am using the Power Pack.

Please NUKI, let us to downgrade the firmware… 3.9.1 is unusable!

Dear developers,
Now that I have received a replacement device for my Smart Lock 3.0 pro after weeks of working with your support, it worked perfectly with the stable version 3.8.7. In order to supposedly improve the WiFi problems, your support advised me to join the BETA program and install version 3.9.1. YES, WiFi has improved somewhat, but the MQTT connection now keeps breaking down, as previous speakers have already written. YES, I have already set the battery setting to fast. Unfortunately there is no going back (according to your support). After restarting the lock (removing the battery) it works again once and then after 10-15 minutes. it loses the connection to the MQTT but the WiFi connection remains. (pingable)
And for your information, I have been an IT technician for 40 years specializing in WiFi and networking. So if you need print screens, log files or information, contact me!

Dear developers, maybe this will help you to find a Solution:

**10:31:00	Restart the Smartlock 3.0 Pro by removing the battery**

**Nuki protocol on the smartphone 							        ScreenShot 05**
-01:00:00 01/01/2023	Smart Lock - Position Detection		        ScreenShot 01
-10:35:00	Auto Lock – Locked						                ScreenShot 02
-10:36:00	MQTT API – Unlocked					          	        ScreenShot 03
from 10:38:00 continuous ping on the IP address of the SmartLock	ScreenShot 04

**11:41:00	Ping interruption due to automatic DFS switching of the WiFi access point**
**                                                               	Screenshot 06**

11:41:53	MQTT connected = false						            ScreenShot 07
11:45:46	Save MQTT settings on smartphone – Error				ScreenShot 08

**11:47:00	Restart the Smartlock 3.0 Pro by removing the battery**
11:55:56	WiFi connection OK							            ScreenShot 09

**Nuki protocol on the smartphone Screenshot 14**
11:56:06 – 11:56:47	MQTT RESETUP – instant connection – OK			ScreenShot 10 – 12
-01:00:00 01/01/2023	Smart Lock - position detection
-11:57:18		Auto Lock – Locked						            ScreenShot 13
-12:01:08		MQTT API – Unlocked						            ScreenShot 15

**Question 1: Why does the MQTT client not log in again after a short interruption in the network connection (even loses the settings)?**

**Question 2: Why is an auto lock triggered after 4 minutes after restarting the smart lock?**

ScreenShot 01 20240330-103309 ScreenShot 02 20240330-103525 ScreenShot 03 20240330-103633

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ScreenShot 07 20240330-114153 ScreenShot 13 20240330-115718 ScreenShot 15 20240330-120108

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When I check my home assistant entity, I can see, that the connection to the lock is broken every 23 minutes.
So i get a connection but after 23 minutes it is gone again.