Smart Lock 3.9.x Beta

@Stefan_Reiterer could you please give us a head’s up?

The security of my house is degraded since this last beta and my wife is getting annoyed.

Would be nice if there is an fix released or the possibility of downgrading to the previous version.


You are absolutely right. How can I go back to the latest stable version? @NUKI @Stefan_Reiterer

Can anyone tell me if MQTT is available in the non beta branch and if it is possible to switch to that?

Hi guys,
yes, yes, the new Smartlocks Version 4 are getting one beta after the other and we’re looking through our fingers, aren’t we!!!
What about us? Will we then get a functioning smart lock and the MQTT will also work properly?
If you need support, say so! We are ready for any outrageous act, we were so crazy and installed Beta 3.9.1! So when will we get a new version?


If our hardware version has a mqtt problem (in my case Smart Lock 3 Pro) and Nuki cannot resolve, please give us for free the version 4. At least i will pay the shipping cost. Really my wife want i dismantle the nuki because it’s really unreliable. Terrible experience😤


…what i am reading in nuki 4-forum isnt any better :frowning:
after 3 days running fine, i was locked out again yesterday. In the nuki app mqtt had a red cross. once tapped on “save” and mqtt was running again. Why cant the lock do this on its own - it seems to be a simple-re-connect. Rebooting the AccessPoint is the same: sometimes its working, sometimes no wlan-reconnect, sometimes wlan is working, but mqtt not…I am looking for a alternative lock now. Soldering a esp32 to a cheap china-lock would be more reliable :frowning:

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