Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.5.4

We started rolling out the new Smart Lock firmware version 2.5.4-Beta.

What’s new?

  • Multi Connect: the Smart Lock now allows multiple simultaneous connections.

  • Reduced standby power consumption.

  • If a locking action was unsuccessful due to external influences (motor blocked), the Smart Lock makes a second locking attempt.

  • Performance and stability improvements.

Please check for updates to your Smart Lock in the next days and give us your feedback!

i get the update and think i install it later … but later the update was gone and don´t show again? was the beta update 2.53. stopped?

Yes, the rollout was slowed down due to an issue we found which affected a test unit here. But you should see the new update again soon.

After this update the app keeps telling me the door is open. Fortunately I have a camera at my front door so I didn’t need to drive home when I noticed it in the Nuki app. Any advise on how to resolve is very much appreciated!

Beta app and beta firmware.

Are you using the Smart Lock 2.0 with door sensor?
Maybe it needs a recalibration. For me the open door is sometimes triggered when temperatures change very fast in the morning and I have to fix it.

Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.5.4-public

Hi everyone, we want to thank you dearly for all your feedback via different channels! You really helped us optimizing our latest Smart Lock 2.0 firmware! As a result, the Smart Lock 2.0 firmware version 2.5.4 is being released publicly TODAY!
Thanks again, and have fun with your Smart Lock 2.0! Keep on locking! :wink:

After the latest firmware update I have the issue that opening and closing the door is not working correctly anymore. After opening the door (autounlock), the nuki turns the latch too far so that the door won’t close anymore.

Also, sometimes when unlocking the door (using lock and go), it doesn’t turn the lock far enough so the door won’t open and is still locked.

Also, it looks like the lock is crashing on a regular basis. You see it restarting (led illuminating) and then does a repositioning sequence. I’ve recalibrated the lock several times already, but the issue keeps coming back.

I already opened a support ticket for this.

Did you already try to recalibrate with closed door?


no, since the app states that I have to calibrate with the door open :wink: However, after re-calibrating it works fine for a while and after several days the issue is there again.


I have the same issue after updating to firmware version 2.5.4 with our Nuki 2.0.
The lock doesn’t keep its calibration position after using the keypad. I get the message motor blocked (0x01) every time we use the keypad to unlock the door. You can hear the lock turning the key but after this the door stays locked. After this I have to do a recalibration to reset the smart lock.
However the problem stays occuring after a while.
I have replaced the batteries, checked the door lock for possible problems with it, checked the stting of the smartlock and keypad. But no problems were found.
The problem really started after updating to firmware 2.5.4.
I saw in the new posting a update to a possible firmware 2.6.0. Could this firmware version solve the problem?

Yes. Please give it a try.

Problems solved with beta firmware 2.6.0. and calibration with door closed.

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