SL3 Pro: do not disconnect Wifi when Nuki Cloud is unreachable, breaking local MQTT and other protocols

Still no connection to the cloud. NUKI status shows no WIFI connection and no cloud but I have MQTT info in Home Assistant and I can open the door from there. I can not open the nuki remotely from the Nuki’s app because there is no cloud connection.

Anybody in the same situation?

This feature is now available in the latest 3.8.2 beta of Smart Lock 3.0 Pro:


Sorry, but I am on 3.8.4 beta and still experiencing the issue.


Ok, I upgraded SL3 Pro to 3.9.0 beta and this morning I disconnected my main router from the Internet for about 10 minutes.
Then I tested MQTT and it worked ok.
I will do a longer test as soon as I can

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In our vacation home, which rarely has internet, I’m currently using the stable firmware version 3.8.7 for our Nuki Smart Lock. I’m hesitant to use beta versions in this setting, though I might consider them for testing at home. Since updating from version 3.7.x, the MQTT connection stays stable, but it seems the power pack uses a lot more energy. After just two weeks, the battery level has dropped to 50%, even though the door opener was rarely used. The Wi-Fi connection to the router is quite good with a signal strength of -47 dBm, so the high energy consumption is probably due to the integrated Wi-Fi, which always wants to connect to the Internet (just a guess).

To counter this, I’ve been using a Nuki Bridge for a week, which doesn’t support MQTT but has an API. Surprisingly, after 10 days of similar light use, the battery still shows 100%. Clearly, using the Nuki Bridge, which connects the Smart Lock via BT only, uses less power. I didn’t expect such a big difference. Ten days isn’t a long test period, and the main vacation season is just starting, but it will be interesting to see how the battery status holds up with more frequent use. I might also consider replacing the Nuki Bridge with an ESP32 with MQTT, as the Nuki Bridge solution seems too expensive for me. If it works well, I will also switch other Nukis to the nuki_hub.

Nuki Bridge update: The battery level is now at 98%. Messages can be received within the home network without internet access. However, the lock cannot be locked without a connection. I am now going to test the Nuki Hub…

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