SL 2.78 Beta causing repeating entries and messages "AU rejected"

I have updated to 2.78, my bridge is on 1.14 (not sure if that’s relevant).
Since the update I am getting messages from Nuki to my iPhone (latest iPhone Beta App) that AU by other users has been rejected. Before updating to 2.78 I got only messages when the door has been opened manually (which I set
This morning, I got sorry,can’t remember the exact number, 50+ times the message that AU by a user has been rejected. This message is also in the log of SL.
There is no other log entry after that in the SL anymore, even though th SL has been used afterwards.

  1. how do I get rid of the messages that somebody’s AU has been rejected
  2. How can I restart proper logging?


Read the release notes please

sorry, my mistake. usually I read the notes before installing. Just a quick question: are those detailed notes posted in the iPhone App or only in the web?

After following the procedure described in the release notes, the AU works again, but my Log (Protokoll) is empty.

I took off the batteries from the SL; after re-inserting, the log works again