Sks htv4600

I already applied and added HTV4600 to the list. I already send wiring plans and info about the SKS Bus System via E-Mail to Nuki.

However I’m curious if anyone already tried to add this intercom as generic device with success? Can’t wait to have a nuki opener :slight_smile:

@Georg_S any updates regarding compatbility?


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Hello Georg,
did you found a solution ? I have HTV 4606 (HTV-4600-2 circuit board) s and can wait for a solution only until the end of the year, otherwise I have to buy another product. This will be a pitty for both sides, as I have to set up 5 apartments.

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Thx for the Update. @Georg_S

Thanks Georg. Talked with SKS technical customer service. They said, that the bus has an encrypted code and for this reason will only work if Nuki will get a license from SKS. Does Nuki plans to get the licence ?

We can’t give any details as of now, but will try to find a solution.
For the time being SKS bus remains not supported by the Opener.

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Thanks for keeping us updated. Merry xmas.

Hey guys, any update on the SKS HTV4600 integration? I moved apartments and would love to continue using my Nuki Opener there. Thanks!

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Hey guys! an update would be really appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks so much in advance!


any updates?

Any Update?

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any news?

For sks ht4600 solution found here:

People are also asking for htv4600, but no answers so far. Would be great if the person that found the solution for htv4600 would also post pictures here. Thanks.