SKS GF30 and Nuki opener

I have a SKS GF30.
Is the Nuki Opener compatible ?
Need help :sweat_smile:

Bye Marcel :innocent:

Hallo @Georg_S ,

Kannst Du mir hier behilflich sein? Ist die Gegensprechanlage SKS GF30 kompatibel mit dem Nuki Opener oder ist eine andere Konfiguration skalierbar?
Vielen Dank im Voraus :innocent:,
Gruß Marcel

Hello Marcel,
yes should be possible. Please note ring suppression may not work, as we have to detect a drop in Voltage, that obviously occurs after the ring
purple … 3
blue … 2
black … 1
red … 2

You have to send me an invitation code via PM, in order to adjust your configuration properly.
Best regards Georg

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Hi Georg Sixt,
I have the same SKS GF30,
Is it still the same to connect the opener?
Do i have to special configure the bridge or the opener?
thank you

Ich wollte nachfragen, ob der Nuki Opener mit der oben genannten Verkabelung funktioniert?
Ist es korrekt das blau und rot an den Pin 2 angeschlossen werden?
Besten Dank im voraus

I wanted to ask whether the Nuki Opener works with the above cabling?
Is it correct that the blue and red are connected to pin 2?
Thank you in advance

Are you able to integrate something else than the “OPEN” function? (blue & purple cable connected on numbers 2 & 3)
Integrating other functions like “RING” seems impossible without adding hardware.
What is your final results ?

Best regards