Siri Shortcuts for Opener

Are there any plans to add Siri Shortcuts for the Nuki Opener? Could be nice to combine with the existing SHortcuts for the Nuki Smart Lock and be able to unlock both entry and flat doors in one Shortcut,


I am supporting this mind. :slight_smile: Will there be possible to add shortcuts with Nuki Opener?

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Yes please, the shortcut for my smart lock is useless because I can’t open the main door wich is connected with the opener for my guest over siri.

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Yes Please!

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I hope you will support Siri shortcut for Nuki Opener. It will be a great feature!

Just use Web API for the time being.
Shortcut action: Get Contents of URL
Method: POST
Headers: Authorization: Bearer webapitoken

works like a charm for me

Hey can you please explain how you did it or maybe share your shortcut? I don’t get anything behind the URL :sweat_smile: but just the url with my opener is does not work.

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Yes please. Would love to know how this works too

Thank you for the feedback regarding the shortcuts for the Opener. I’ve forwarded the request.

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