Significant delay in remote access

After installation of the 2.40 firmware and replacement of batteries now I am able to connect remotely. However, I expiriance significant delay to access the nuki remotely . Sometimes I have to go in/out the nuki app to achieve remote connection. This is really bothering me and I am not sure whether the problem is in the device or internet connection or Bluetooth…kindly advise?

Please send a log-file with a short description of the problem and the exact time when it occured to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.

Hello again

No solution found to my problem yet. Log files of the bridge and lock were analyzed by the support team.

  1. Bridge was replaced twice.
  2. Smart lock was replaced once.
  3. Bridge was re-positioned
  4. 2.4 ghz was separated in the modem setup and assigned only to the bridge.

Same phenomena persists - broken connection, sometimes offline, sometimes reachable.

Any setting is required in the WiFi that might fix the problem ?

Did you try a different WIFI router (e.g. a cheap range extender or mobile phone hotspot)?

i can confirm this. one of the nuki 2.0 has the same issues here. Sometimes it loses its connection. Wifi is very good -55dbm also bluetooth is displayed as very good. i’m still trying to find out when exactly this happens or what the cause is. i’m still watching this for a few days to see if i can recognize a pattern …


the nuki with the problem “lost connection / offline” was connected to a fritzbox. i change this and connected it to an “unifi ap ac pro” like the other nuki and the problem is fixed.

The issue is back :frowning:


I still experience delays or offline phenomena from time to time…any solution found? Was the new firmware triggered to resolve this issue?

No solution yet! I did everything by the book…please advise?

Did you also already try another WIFI rooter/hotspot as Jürgen suggested; and with what results?

Same problem here. Every once in a while the response of the Nuki+Bridge is delayed up to 10 seconds.
A few weeks ago my Nuki was replaced, but it didn’t make a change.
Battery level is fine, WiFi is the same for years. The problem is either between the Nuki server and the bridge or the Bridge and the Nuki. Is suspect the first.
My Doorman app gets an instant HTTP 204 from the Nuki Web API when performing an auto lock/unlock/open, however, the lock does not always responds instantly.
I can make a BT connection in the meantime, there for i expect the server connection to be the cause.

Please stop asking for local config updates, fix it!

Yeah, I get the same.