Shortcut actions disappeared?

Last week I could select Nuki action in the Siri Shortcuts app. The Nuki app was there. This week, the Nuki app and actions are completely gone. What happened? I’d like to use shortcuts so I can open my door when I disconnect from CarPlay. (By the way: I’m trying this as a workaround since the native Auto Unlock never works anyway.)

Does the shortcuts perform fast for you? They are a bit slow to me

By the way to make them reappear just unlock and lock you door a few times using the Nuki app

I’m talking about the shortcut app, not suggestions. Why would it only appear when I open/close the door a couple of times? Apps with shortcuts are supposed to be there anyway.

I agree with you, I don’t know the answer to that, but it’s happening to me too. I believe they don’t have “Siri intents” made to be customizable like… “Unlock door X” where “X” you would be able to choose the lock, they only have Siri suggestions.

As @Bruno_Pantaleao suggested, you need a view lock actions until it shows up. Shortcuts show up in the categories section. We are aware of this inconsistency.

I essentially gave up on ative shortcuts support by Nuki so I made my own solution using the API: Siri Shortcuts for Opener - #19 by Rohrek
Takes a bit of tinkering but it works rock solid after setting it up.

Our latest beta version has improved support for Shortcuts. Please follow this thread: APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2024.2.1-Beta (Improved Shortcuts)

Great! I reinstalled the beta and have updated my Shortcut with the native actions. So far so good!

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