Setting up TCS devices under different brands/names

Hi there!

3 weeks ago, just as I bought my opener, TCS was removed from the list of supported doorbell manufacturers. This is an issue in germany since that is a rather popular manufacturer here.

Looking at TCS’s partners, I looked for similar products and found out that the TCS ISW3030 looks identical to the Koch TC50.
Since Koch is (still) supported, I went with this and my TCS devices is now configured as the Koch TC50.

Since I anticipate that more TCS users will show up here, can we create a list for these users to maybe guide them which model can be used to integrate their TCS model? Just stopping the support for these will not stop nuki owners to attempt to integrate them.

Obvious first entry is:
TCS ISW3030 - Koch TC50

I hope this helps some people.

I bought the opener with bridge and lock and expected an out-of-the-box solution after spending almost 300eur. Instead it cost me way too much time.


Hey there, I had the same issues. Using the Generic Koch device works for me now. But it really was some unfortunate hassle.

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Does the app allow you to open the door directly? My app only lets me activate Ring to Open, nothing else…

Dumb question, but in the app, you push on the entry for the opener one time, and then on the bottom a popup should come up, with a button for opening! You have tried this already, have you!?

I tried many things, it does not offer me any more buttons than “Ring to Open”. If I enable “Ring to Open”, the only option I am being offered is to disable it again.

I also have the nuki door lock set up and that device is showing me multiple options. The opener only lets me do that one thing. Which does not make sense because if the device supports ring to open (which it does successfully), it should be able to just open the door at a push of a button (which it successfully did when i set up the opener in the app).

This sounds, when you choose yes when the app asks you if the intercom has to be activated before use, because then the just open button is not there, what is clear, because opening would just work, when someone rings, so for the only option is Ring-To-Open then. If this is the case, then you just have to do a bew setup, and when you are on the step, where the app asks if the intercom has to be activated before use, choose no, and after setup the just open option should be available then.

I set this up many many times, always giving the app the info that the intercom does not need to be activated. It never worked, I did it at least 10 times, trying out different Koch devices in the hopes that it works with my TCS. And yes, I had to go down 5 stories each time. What a mess of a setup this is.

Then I don’t have to mention Koch/TC-50!?

damn, I have opener with TCS for 2 years now and it worked without a problem. I am afraid if I would need to re-configure it for some reason that it will not work. As I rent my apartment this is a must for me… So did anybody make it work completely with all features?

I could set up my TCS TTS25 as Koch T30 successfully!

Same here, I strongly recommend to deactivate the automatic firmware updates for the opener, because if anything changes, it will come/go with a firmware update!

Hey there hisfishness! great idea and initiative! I just purchased the Nuki Opener myself, and have to set it up for a TCS TC2000. Once I have it figured out I will update. I’ve been a long time user of Nuki products on various locks and I’m determined to make my Nuki Opener work with my TCS intercom.

Hi, did anyone try to set up the Nuki Opener with a TCS IVW2211-0140 yet?
@Mambola What is your experience so far?