Second apple watch - problem with missing configuration?

Hello nuki,

i just got my new apple watch 6. i also own an old apple watch 1. On the old watch the nuki app works just fine. On the new 6 modell whenever i start the app, immediately i get (in german, so i don’t know the exact english message) the error message “no nuki found - please open nuki app on iphone and add your first smart lock”. Of course on my iphone the lock is registered with the app and everything works perfectly on the phone itself. I called your customer support, but all i got was “that should work!, do you have latest app and firmware versions?” (which i have) I was left with the comment “We do not give apple product support”. I don’t think, that’s how you treat customers …

So as a last hope, i went to this forum.

This problem usually comes from connection problems somewhere inside the Apple ecosystem. Try to reboot the watch. If this does not help also try to report the phone.

Hi Jürgen,

rebooted both the watch and the phone. That did not fix the problem. Any other ideas?

Do you have the old watch still configured and connected?
You could try to reset it and remove it from the watch app on your phone.

I switched to the watch 6 and set switching mode in the iphone app to manual. Only one watch can be tagged in the app at any time. Is deleting a tested solution or are you guessing? Because i still want to use the old watch too.

I mean, the new watch does not even try to connect. It pops the above mentioned error message the second you open the nuki app on the watch. The app either got no configuration at all from the nuki app on the phone or can’t connect to the nuki app on the iphone. I granted all kinds of rights (bluetooth, GPS, etc.) to the nuki app on the phone and on the watch. I wasted a whole afternoon and evening on the problem so far and still got nowhere. Every other comparable app works, HUE and homematic apps have no trouble at all.

I have the exact same issue. I made a factory reset on the old phone. Also removed the app, rebooted and reinstalled on the new watch. It still responds the Nuki is not found. Any other suggestions?

Same problem i have. Rebooted Phone and Watch, reinstalled Nuki ON Watch, still no Nuki found

Edit: removed Nuki Watch app, rebooted Both Watch and Phone, waited 5 minutes, reinstalled Watch app and worked :+1:

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Thanks Silviu! :pray: