Rj45 Ethernet bridge


Thanks to Nuki, it is a game changer for connected door thanks to its software which make a huge difference with competitors!

I would like to use RJ45 (or Ethernet cable) to connect the Nuki bridge to the box for following reasons:

  • save energy
  • more security
  • more reliable in urbain environment

Also personally my wifi is switch off when I go on vacation or I have setup a routine to switch off wifi router during nights: it saves me minimu 20€ per year and also is good for the planet.
Also if a device is accessible via Wifi it has potentially more way to access it from external whereas if it goes thru physical cable it requires a physical access. physical Ethernet is more secured.


Edit: Hi Jürgen, It is frustrating to close the topic like that and not letting people participate.
I already gave my vote to the second thread but it is not taking security into consideration nor energy as well. The purpose of such a forum is also to let people explain why for them it is relevant. Reason valid for person A is not the same for person B. The more reasons you give, the more people will adhere, the more idea will emerge and the more it has a chance to be developed. (I edit my message because no other way to “contact” you since reply is not possible). The other thread is close as well so how shall I participate ?

There is already a feature request for this. Please add your vote there and do not create duplicate threads: LAN/Ethernet or PoE Port on new Nuki Bridge

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