LAN/Ethernet or PoE Port on new Nuki Bridge

Product name

Nuki Bridge


Make the Bridge more reliable by adding the option to connect the Bridge via ethernet cable.


An optional RJ-45 Port which is ideally also a PoE Port to power the Bridge.


Especially in commercial environment, reliability is an important topic. We experience the bridge not reconnecting to the servers after an AP or the firewall that manages them were restarted. Also WiFi is not always strong or reliable enough where many devices are used or an AP cannot be installed easily.
Also the availability of power outlets isn’t always guaranteed near the locks where the SmartLock is installed.
Especially when “hiding” the Bridge inside a ceiling to avoid accidental removal (by housekeepers) the powering can be an issue.


Bridge “hiding” in ceiling: Connect via PoE to power and connect the Bridge with no power outlet.
Bridge inside server room: directly connect to router and near an (or multiple) Opener but in a room which is not easily accessed.

This should be a priority as the device is not reliable at all without an ethernet connection…


We now have about 2-3 WiFi disconnects per month without reconnecting properly. This is unacceptable In a company where people have to enter multiple facilities reliably like having a physical key. We would love to deploy Nuki products more widely. But in this state, we can’t.

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) and describe them the issue. A bridge disconnecting without automatic reconnect is not a known issue and looks like it is specific to your enviroment.