Ritto 4630 works!

Hello community, I can report today that the NUKI opener works perfectly with the RITTO 4630. I installed the beta 1.7.3.

My settings:

  • Delay in opening
    = 3 sec

  • Auto Unlock
    = on

  • Auto unlock settings/ expert settings/ opener found
    = open

Case 1:
When I approach with my smart phone, I am recognized (via Bluetooth) and the door opens automatically.

Case 2:
When I approach with my smart phone, “Ring to open” is turned on (via GPS and the Bridge) and I can open the door with the ringing of the bell.



I can confirm this! Nuki Opener works reliably with my Ritto 4630. Ring to open delay is set to 0 seconds. Firmware is 1.8.1. No beta.

Thanks Nuki :slight_smile: