Remote reboot feature

Product name

Nuki Opener


Remote reboot/restart of Nuki Opener


Possibility to reboot/restart device remotely by Nuki App via Nuki bridge or at least a possibility to schedule a reboot in its settings.


I am using Nuki Opener for my AirBnB business and it’s very important to provide 24/7 access to my building for my guests. I’ve already encountered an issue that once in every 6 months Nuki Opener stops to open the front door and it also stops to send “someone ringed the doorbell” notifications. The only way to solve this issue is to hard-reboot it by removing batteries. The problem is that the last time I was out of the city and luckily my housekeeper was nearby and able to let my clients inside the building and made a hard-reboot of the device. Otherwise that would be a disaster being far away and not capable to let your clients inside. I am really vulnerable because of the lack of this feature. If it’s impossible to add this feature from the side of software I beg you to create a custom made Nuki Opener with a remote reboot feature :pray: I am even ready to prepay you twice the price of standard Nuki Opener (200 euros) just to have this feature. I really need it. My business suffer from the lack of remote reboot. Thank you in advance! Hope you will get in touch with me.

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  1. Prevent bugs of the device
  2. Prevent income loss caused by refunds possibly made to clients who was forced to wait outside the building.
  3. Reboot remotely if the device doesn’t respond to actions from Nuki App.

same thing happened to me 2 times in last 3 weeks. Luckily I was around to go to my guests and hand them a key. This is a nasty bug. I cannot be in peace anymore. I am now always awaiting same thing to happen again.

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I wouldn’t get my hopes up on the Nuki team actually implementing anything requested here and especially not in a timely manner.

My suggestion would be to connect the opener hardwired to a power socket. That would allow you to add a power adapter in between, preferably a remotely switchable one. There are lots of such plugs in the smart home universe. Probably also some that you can configure routines on that would allow for a regular reboot as you had envisioned.

Hope this helps to find a viable workaround.

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I would be the best if they would fix the bug in timely manner. Workarounds are also prone to malfunction. I have lot’s of smart triggers already in place and adding one more smart solution that can go wrong is IMO not the best solution.

Agree 100% - there should not even be a need for a reboot trigger or schedule. The product should be robust enough instead.

Just trying to help and wanted to share my experience with how things have gotten here. In the beginning I felt like the team was very responsive and customer oriented. But as far as I can tell, that is not the case anymore and especially the Opener feels more and more like an abandoned product, where the only effort put in is to change the color choices of the casing.

To me, especially the communication with regards to SKS support that was promised at some point is just horrible. Luckily we have quite a strong community here, that has figured out ways to get things going somehow.

Sorry for the rant, don’t want to hijack your thread, just wanted to mentioned that I share the frustration.

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Txn for the advice :slight_smile:
I choose Nuki because it is an Austrian product and I counted on a proper support… Let’s see…

Today guests left I and was in the apartment. Even rebooting of opener did not help. I wanted to reconfigure it, but I could not. Like the config was corrupted. I had to reset the opener and reconfigure it again. Now it works.


I do remember that once I was forced to do the same. Is your opener software is up to date? Which type of batteries do you use?

FW is up to date. I use Amazon recharchable batteries. At home I did not have any problems with it. I had confugured month ago iffft to set continues mode based on calendar entries. It had many triggers to activate continues mode althow it was on. I have disabled it. Let’s see, will the same issue appear again.