Remote control “Buzzer”

I there!
I have a Nuki smart lock, keypad and a bridge installed in my house. Everything works fine.
Now I would like to install a old school “Buzzer” for the smart lock. Just a button on the wall to open the door without grabbing my phone.
Unfortunately it’s too far away for a fob.
Can the opener just do that?
Thanks for help!
Best, Konrad

Hi Konrad,
may be that this can help you: Smartlock2.0 Ansteuerung durch 12v System (control signal 12v analog).
Whether you use a 12V potential free contact or a buzzer shouldn’t matter.

Thanks for your reply. Sounds quite complicated though…
Is there no simple solution to open a Nuki lock with a hardware button (same wifi) registered with nuki bridge? Seems like a basic use case?!

I use a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch and Homekit. A simple Homekit script and pressing a button open the lock, pressing another button close it.
If you are not in Apple/Homekit environment, you certainly can do the same with Google Home or Alexa.

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