Pre-purchase Question Nuki Opener: Wiring with simple relay (doorbell) and switch (opener) setup

Hi everyone,

some questions as I couldn’t find any manuals showing a detailed wiring description for the Opener.

As our door system isn’t supported (Elcom bus system), I disassembled an old Elcom intercom with a physical button for the door opener and a potential free relay contact that get’s closed when the doorbell rings.

I hope that I can connect the Nuki Opener that way.

The button to open the door connects just 2 pins on the circuit board of the intercom.
Can the Nuki Opener close a relay (or maybe already provides an potential free relay contact) to simulate the button-press?
If I need an additional relay, how high would be the output voltage of the Opener?

And how can I connect the potential free relay contact of my intercom to the Opener,
so it recognized the doorbell?
Can I simply take the supply voltage of the Opener (will use it with USB Power) and connect it over the relay contact to an input of the Opener?

And if all of this is possible, whoch wires of the Opener do I have to use,
and what should I select in the app as model and brand.

Thanks a lot if anyone can help. :slight_smile:

Ok, I found the " HOWTO Connect the Nuki Opener to an unknown intercom".
But it doesn’t describe the functions of the single wires in detail.

I made a quick sketch about it:

  1. Is “Ring” (yellow cable) an input? If so what voltage range will be detected as a ring signal?
    Will the 5V of the USB power supply be enough? Or do I need 12V or more?

  2. What’s the function of “Open”? Will it act as output and how high is the voltage?
    Or will it get pulled down to GND, so I don’t need a relais and can solder purple and blue directly to the “Open door switch contacts” of the Intercom?

Thanks in advance

Hi, did you make it work? I wanna do the same!