Power Supply for Smart Lock

Product name

For which NUKI product do you want to submint a feature request?

NUKI smart lock


Quick summary what this request is about.

Provide a power supply for the NUKI smart lock that replaces the battery “box”. I have a wall socket next to my door and don’t like to fiddle with batteries all the time.


Detailed description of desired features.

Replaces the need to supply batteries.


Why is this feature needed?

To ensure that the lock always has electrical power.


How would you like to use this feature?

Just replace battery “box”. Want to connect the lock to 220V AC permanently. The design of NUKI lock, which means of course style and shape, should not be altered though.

List all usecases you can think of!
see above

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See this topic.

Anyone knows if this (Battery Eliminator - 4 AA Battery Replacement - AC Power. 4.5V Heavy Duty) is indeed compatible?


You guys know about the nuki-accu-pack!? It has a usb port for loading, and can let be in the lock when loading! I use them, have connect them to power-plugs what are compatible with Google home, and made a google-routine what turns on these plugs for a few hours in one night every week and off again after, what keeps them loaded! - After you can forget about it, because with this are the accu-packs always strong loaded and I had no issues with the lock since, that the power is not enough or anythingelse!

Like mentioned above, you can charge the Nuki power pack while it’s in the lock. You can even keep in permanently plugged in.

The Power Pack can also be charged directly on the door while inserted into the Smart Lock. To do this, plug a USB-C charging cable in the appropriate length into one of the two USB-C ports of the Nuki Power Pack and charge the battery directly at the door. Be careful not to block the door with the cable to avoid damaging the Power Pack.Thus, a permanent power supply of the Smart Lock is possible.