Poor Wifi connection Niki 4 pro

I have a Nuki 4 pro. I have established a WIFI connection with it but it is always displayed with a red signal in the app. I think the signal means that the connection is weak.
I have a distance of 2 metres to the router (no wall in between).
What is the reason for this?

Same here. Strong wifi, but nuki os losing it very often. No idea why.

Showing the connection always as “weak” could be a bug in the current firmware. We’ll be checking this and report back once we know more.

I have a similar problem! My Nuki 3 Pro was replaced by a Nuki 4 Pro and since then the Nuki regularly loses the wifi connection.

The bug is in the meantime confirmed and fixed with yesterdays 4.0.31 release.
It was a pure software bug in displaying the signal strength. This did not have any impact on the way how the integrated WiFi performs.

Hallo, bisher konnte ich das nicht feststellen. Aber ich werde es beobachten.

I can confirm this bug. My accesspoint is about 2m away. But still the Nuki 4pro is always disconecting.

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