Opening Smartlock 3.0 Pro with Siri Shortcut

Thanks to a step-by-step guide on another website, I have created an Apple shortcut which opens the Smartlock 3.0 Pro. This shortcut uses the Nuki API ( with my personal token and my personal Lock ID.

This shortcut really works well, even when I use it via Siri from my Apple Watch. The issue with this is that it works too good :slight_smile: even if I am 10km away from home.

Now my question: Is it possible to add a condition to my shortcut, that the door only opens when my Apple Watch is near my home (e.g. connected to my home WiFi or within the bluetooth range of my Nuki)?

Or - alternatively - is there any setting in the Nuki environment which prevents the door from opening if I am too far away? We are 4 people in our household and all of them have an Apple Watch to use the shortcut to open the door.


To make it more clear, here is a screenshot of the Apple shortcut:

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Hi Harald,

I use this shortcut (see below) on my apple watch ultra directly from the action button. So wanted to add in a double confirmation for when i am not close to my home :wink: just like you.

So from the shortcut below (that checks the distance to my home) I run the “open door” shortcut. In that way I keep things simple (so in my image below the third step is run “Nuki Opener” which is the short cut you already have…) Let me know if this worked for you.



I posted the same Shortcut last year. This method also works with the Nuki opener.

First and foremost for those of us who use electronic locks, is to use a very cheap door closer.

If you open it by mistake nothing will happen as the door will stay closed.

It is very nice to see videos of the door opening, how nice!

But what if you are traveling!

The automatic opening is motorized and nothing happens.

But we don’t use motorized opening.

So you have to use a door closer, it’s as if someone had his hand on the door.

If you Apple Watch or your child playing with it opens it by mistake, nothing would happen.

And if you open it when you get home, all you have to do is push to get in.

Watch it is my advice.

Thought I’d give this a try to see how it performs, but I’m getting a response suggesting it doesn’t like my DeviceID.

“The supplied value '{my device ID from Nuki} for parameter ‘smartlockId’ is not valid”

Is this the same device ID as can be copied directly from the Nuki app and/or Nuki web? Main reason I’m asking is that your screen shot above shows a numeric value here, but my Device ID is alphanumeric.

Edit: Found it, had to copy from the URL in Nuki web (no idea if that’s the correct/proper/only way!)

Yes you get the ID from Nuki Web. When you click on your lock, you will see the ID in your URL (the last part). Nuki Web is also the place where you generate your token.


If you use a “door closer” than the Auto Unlock feature becomes useless at times.

F.e. You come home and park the car in front of your house. Auto Unlock opens door and after a few seconds the bolt locks again. You are still getting the groceries out of the car. You walk up to the door that is now locked and closed…. After it was briefly unlocked but held closed. Quite annoying:-)
with the distance check and double confirmation the problem of an accidental opening is more a theoretical issue.

  1. You can delay the auto unlock so that it only unlocks when you are nearer to the door
  2. If you have a door sensor, the latch will be released when the door opens (or the configured unlatch duration is over). I.e. you can set a longer unlatch duration which will make the lock hold the latch much longer, even if you have a longer way to the door.

Do you know when/if the door sensor is going to work with the Nuki Opener (it now only works with smart lock v3) ?