Opener with Videx 3131

I bought an opener but i have a problem connecting to my Videx 3131 intercom. You can see contacts in my intercom in the picture and only two wires come into the intercom at positions 1 and 3.

Can you help me with the installation. Sincerely, Milisav


I hooked it up to my Videx 3131 yesterday and it works :wink:

The scematic of Videx 3131 looks like this, which is an analog system:


  • black and purple wire to connection 1
  • blue, red and yellow wire to connection 3

(Yes, the Scematics point out, that connection 3 should be ground but your pics and my vides 3131 also had the red wire connected to 3)

This works for me! I can open the door and can get a notification when the bell rings. But the bell supression feature will not work.

Best regards

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Thanks a lot Harald for the answer. Much better than nuki support :slight_smile: (The Videx 3131 is not listed as compatible - therefore the Opener most likely does not work.) Unfortunately when I connect according to your scheme the lock non-stop activates the opening door.
I was not able to play with the opener a little more, hoping that someone else had already solved the problem, but I would have to. I have GND at connector 3 regardless of the fact that the wire is red.
Sincerely Milisav

sorry to hear. I will open my intercom and make a pic for you. Maybe I wrote something wrong.


Here are the promised pics. Let’s find the mistake :slight_smile:

Black and purple in second connector from left.
Blue and green in third connector from left.

Sry that was wrong in my first post. I wrote it from my memory :expressionless:

Thanks a lot Harry,
On the forum I found some instructions for a two-wire analog system 2-wire analog system compatibility and on advice @Georg_S (I’ve looked at his other posts and he seems like an expert) I connected my opener and it works but :frowning: ring to open doesn’t always work, bell supression not work (maybe cut the wire from the speaker that is also the bell and use the yellow wire opener. For that I think we need the help of someone from the NUKI team). Notifications late from 5-60 seconds.
I also tried a combination of generic analog with purple and blue wires. In this combination it reacts much faster to the command to open the door but of course nothing else works. For now I have left connected according to this scheme
Sincerely Milisav