Opener with Generic Analog dosnt work

Hi Guys,
after a month of conversation with the support the last message was:
is not compatible and i should ask here for help :slight_smile:

I moved to a new house and i want to use the opener again. With the standard opener setup
it didnt work. The support did something with the opener and told me to do another wiring like the
standard PDF said. After that it didnt work also.

I did a shematic from my new location
Top is the frontdoor and bottom my Home
1-2-3-4 is a marshaling panel i have access to and where i want to put the opener at.
(OPENER is the door opener itself):

And i tough it has to be compatible? Because the opener isnt that complicated. I understand that it is used in 3 wire to the home scenarions and i have 4 but i can change the wire to a 3 wire setup also.

Does someone know how to wire the opener with this setup and is it necessary to redo the standard config
of my opener because the support changed something?

Thanks in advance,

After a lot of investigation i found this setup:

and i rewired my setup to be a 3 wire system. After that i wired all things like the setup i found
and it worked! sadly the opener cant ring my 8 V 1 A Bell anymore. But i had a elektric bell also, and that worked!