Opener with Alexa

Hi @ all,

is it possible to use the opener as an trigger for alexa. If some ring at ther door, than trigger on alexa to start the outdoorcamera on an echo show.

1 Like maybe?

Not relay a solution. The delay with ifttt is sometimes or most the time more than 15-20 sec. ifttt is in my opinion an expensive solution. And also why to use another aplication for a simply software adaption.

okay, understand

Thanks for your reply


Alexa does not allow devices under the Smart Lock category to be used as triggers in routines.

Hi @MatthiasK
a simple notification from nuki to alexa would be enough for me to use it as an extended bell. I don’t always have a cell phone in my pocket. So if this could be integrated in the nuki it would be nice.


I’d say without IFTTT or SmartThings/Creating your own Alexa custom Skill it would only work if you have another Home automation setup Running, e.g. Home Assistant.

You could toggle a virtual switch created in Home Assistant when Someone rings. This can then be used in Alexa as a trigger. But my own experienced showed that even that can have a delay I’m not comfortable with when it’s about a the door ringing, but it works.

Hello Benjamin,
Thanks for reply, IFTTT is not a solution, delay is to much. HomeAssistant is running on RB-pi4, but i´m not able to configurate the opner in HA. So that´s my problme, I can see the bridge, that´s it.

I´m not able to setup the opener in homeassistant. The Bridge is there, but no way to configure the opener. Sombody help?

Well try the the Nuki Integration, you will find it under Integrations just like every other 3rd party integration. You will need the IP of the bridge (recommend setting a fixed IP in the Router so it does not change) and the Token. You will find the Token under the Bridge settings in the Nuki App.

Just enter IP and Token and you’ll get all the devices connected to the bridge as entities.

Ok, sorry, the integration was not the problem. This was done a few days ago. The problem is the opener is not working in the integration. I don’t get any notification if somebody rings. I can see the integration I can see the button open and close but the buttons open and close or not for the Nuki opener they are for the Nookie smart lock. So how can I get the notification if somebody rings at the bell? And how can I get the function to open from Home Assistant as I can open from the Nuki open up by pressing the button? Thanks for replying.

Okay so it seems like you describe multiple issues here. Let’ go through them.

No notifications from the Opener
The push notifications come from the Nuki App alone, you have to check if you have enabled all the notifications and check the notification settings of Android / iOS if Nuki is allowed to notify you. If that does not help try to reset the opener and connect it again, also check your cable work. If it is not done correctly it will not receive the ringing correctly.

Opening Opener via Home Assistant
If your standard integration does not work use direct API calls to the Bridge API via Home Assistant. It is faster and more reliable. What I have done is creating a rest_command in Home Assistant calling the Opener via Bridge HTTP API which opens the door.

For this create a new rest_command in the configuration.yaml like this:

    url: http://IP:8080/unlock?nukiId=LockID&deviceType=0&token=BRIDGE-TOKEN
    method: get

You will get the Opener LockID also via API, just check out Nuki Developers.

Now you can just create a random entity and put in on your dashboard and call the rest_command by using the service action (Actions - Home Assistant).

ok, thx. The notification by nuki to phone is working. but no notification am forwarding to home assistant. I couldn’t see the al of the issues in HA. I try the way you do and reply.

You should check with Nuki support regarding the notification, it has to work. I have no setup for notifications via Home Assistant, not sure how that would work.

That’s really crazy. When i press “Entriegeln” then i activate Ring to Open over HA. But what i want is to Open immediately, not activate a function.

Das Englisch hätten wir uns wohl sparen können :smiley:
Schau mal, ob du für die entity auch den service ausführen kannst (unter Entwicklerwerkzeuge → Dienste):

Ich glaube die Integration verknüpft einfach den falschen Service mit dem “Entriegeln”, weil es für das Schloss und den Opener 2 unterschiedliche Sachen sind.

Smart Lock
lock.unlock (Entriegeln) → Schließt Türe auf → Öffnet Türe / zieht Falle auf

lock.unlock (Entriegeln) → Aktiviert RTO → Öffnet Türe / Drückt Summer

Hi Benjamin,

ja das Englisch… naja egal. Ja den Dienst kann ich ausführen, bzw. auswählen. Top. Kann nur nicht testen, da nicht vor Ort. Aber soweit erst mal Danke

Wenn du von außerhalb Zugriff auf Home Assistant hast kannst es einfach mal ausführen und dann in der Nuki-App auf die Einstellungen vom Opener gehen, dort dann auf Protokoll. Dann solltest du das Öffnen via Bridge sehen. Egal ob vor Ort oder nicht :wink:

Hab ich so gemacht. Stand auch drin öffnen, bzw offen. Also ja geht.
Fehlt mir nur noch die notification wenn jemand klingelt das ich diese Meldung über HA erhalte. Alexa kann das leider auch nicht verarbeiten.