Opener und STR WF 26 - cannot hear the person standing outside

Hi all,


With the help of this post I got my intercom working: Opener und STR WF 26 - #26 by MadOkan

My cables look like this:
Die Konfiguration, die funktioniert ist:

Konfiguration: Generic*
Type: Analogue
Vielleicht fügt der Support den Type mit Bildern in die Konfigurationsunterstützung ein.

Gelb NUKI Flachbandkabel: auf NUKI Klemme
SR W26 Port 4: auf NUKI Klemme
Grün NUKI Flachbandkabel (RNG) auf Port 4 SR W26
Blau NUKI Flachbandkabel (OPN) auf Port 2 SR W26
Lila NUKI Flachbandkabel|(GND) auf Port 3 SR W26

From the app, I can

  1. open the door
  2. Ring to open works

When someone rings the bell, I hear it inside.
Then I press the speaker button and talk and the person standing outside can hear me.
BUT I cannot hear that person.

Also, the person standing outside hears a white noise (speaker stays on and the whole street can hear the apartment voices), till I open the door from the app.

Does anyone has the same experience? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thank you :).

I saw that orange cable from Nuki is microfon and red speaker. Where should they go? Right now they are not connected.