Opener on 2 wire urmet 1183/5 "miro"

will the opener be compatible with the Urmet 1183/5 system at any point or never?
Thank you!

Hi, during measurements in the field we noticed voltages on the Bus System that exceeded 50V and therefore marked it as incompatible. That is the maximum voltage our Opener can handle. We will refine the compatibility during the upcoming month and will take those 2Voice systems in concern, as the demand seems to be high. We will keep you updated.


Hello @Georg_S,

same issue, here: I am trying to couple my opener to a 2voice Urmet system, but no deal at all!
Can you keep me informed, as well, on upcoming updates, please?
I’m looking very forward to this, it would be the perfect solution to me!

Hello @Georg_S,

are you, then, integrating the Urmet 2voice systems in your next firmware release?
Is there any time schedule for the next release, already?

Thanks a lot!

It depends on our tests. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you an exact release date, but it is part of the Q2 roadmap.

Hello @Georg_S

Do you know if the Opener will be able to handle the 50 V of the bus after the firmware relase ? Or we
will need to buy a new Opener.

Cause you told us:
That is the maximum voltage our Opener can handle. → 50 V

Thank’s for your advice


Hello @Georg_S ,

any news on this topic? You see, I’m looking very forward to beeing able to install the opener on all my access doors, since already did it on some compatible devices and I’m enjoying it a lot!

I see a beta release has popped out on May, 4th, but no updates on the public releases log, yet: is there anything we could see shortly and, moreover, did you succeded in including the 2voice systems, as well?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Georg, sorry to bother you again with this question but is there any progress here? As we are now in Q3. I’ve got the nuki opener collecting dust in the closet and would like to know if it’s realistic to keep it or sell it on again.

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Hi @Georg_S ,

same to me… my opener is still boxed, I regret a bit that I bought it…
Q3 is about to end, no more updates on this case.

Any news?

Thank you.

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Hi @Georg_S,
just pinging this thread to see if you can share any update on the roadmap.


Hello @Georg_S

Some news about 2voice system ?


Any news on this ? Still wait also for 1183/5

Do you have update about this model?
As the problem has been revealed since 2019 (already 3 years), I suppose it’s already solved by Nuki team or someone in the community?

Hi, I was also following that topic for a long time. Maybe the announcement of Ring Intercom will change the response from Nuki, as this is definitely supporting Urmet 2Voice eg 1183/5.

Hello everybody,

after 3 years anyone has any news? @Georg_S

thank you

Hi there,

I got a solution running on my system, but it’s pretty basic, bypassing the “open/key”-switch inside the intercom.

I was looking for a quick fix for the beginning so I configured the opener to “other door” according to the last chapter of the installation manual.

I connected the blue and violet wire at the contacts of the switch.

to be continued…

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The quick connecters shall provide an easy “uninstall” when required, without the need to disassemble the whole intercom again.

The app is configured to “other door”, so when I give the command via the app, the Nuki opener closes the circuit and the opener at the entrance door starts buzzing with a couple of seconds delay.
I also configured the Nuki opener to play a sound when the opening signal is given so I can recognize if somebody, e.g. of my family members, opens the entrance via the opener.

NOTE: The intercom has also a connection for a addition bell/speaker marked S- and S+. If you connect the intercom in accordance with the “analog configuration” from the manual, you could use these connection to receive the “ring signal” from the entrance to “activate” the NukI opener. Then the Opener could use my “bypass” to open the entrance door
With a little bit of electrical knowledge and tweaking of the app you MIGHT be able to configure “ring to open”.

Right now, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to “play around”, maybe later this year.

I hope this helps some colleges here :wink:

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For all the nerds out there a screenshot of the connection S-/S+

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Hi @GeorgB,
thank you for your sharings. I’ve an Urmet Miro 1750/1 2 voice video intercom.
I think that your solution should work also for this model, but my question is if the Opener can be connected also to the button that calls the outdor station and simulate the pressing of this button, activate the monitor, and then open the door by pressing the other button. Can it be programmed for this?
This would be useful for not having to call the internal station to open the door when you are out.

I am considering whether to buy this system or a simple Shelly 1 with a Dry contact. Unfortunately I can see that the support for this product is very poor and even if the compatibility with these 2 voice Urmet systems was announced more than a year ago, there is still no news and no one answers the questions.

Thanks to anyone who can help me

@GeorgB Did you had time to look at the additional bell and Ring To Open? I have setup the Opener like you did and it works like a charm. I also tried to connect the Ring_Detect (yellow) cable with the additional bell but did not manage to get it working.