Opener + Golmar T-740UNO

Hi there,

Does anyone have any luck with getting the Opener to work with the Golmar T-740UNO?

The Nuki site says the Opener is compatible with the T-700, which gave me a glimmer of hope.

But looking at diagrams I’ve found online, the two seem to be wired differently.

Here is how it looks in the T-740UNO.

If you’ve had some luck with something similar, do give us a shout.


For reference, this is how it looks for the T-700.

T740 is a bus based system and T700 is analogue. Golmar bus based systems are currently under investigation. See: Nuki Opener | Golmar T-940 Plus

Looking forward to hearing some good news from your investigation Jürgen!

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Bunos dias. Yo tengo el Golmar T-940UNO es muy parecido con el T-740Uno … tengo la misma inquietudo por instalar el NUKI Opener.
Antes de mas gracias por las investigaciones.
Hay algo para los sistemas UNO, nuevo??
compartir el diagrama si posible.
un cordial saludo.

Is there already some new info on the support of the golmar T-740UNO ?


Is there any news regarding this Golmar model?

I volunteer to test anything on my setup if you come up with a workaround that could work.


Hi, I have the Golmar T-940UNO, we know something about that.

I have the opener in the box… :sweat: