"Opener" compatible interphone

j’ai fais la demande à Nuki pour la comptabilité de l’Opener avec plusieurs interphone
Mais j’ai pas de retour de leur part, es ce que l’on sait si c’est compatible avec le poste interphone Aiphone GT1D ?
Pouvez vous nous dire comment cela se branche sur un interphone à Bus 2 fils ?
merci pour vos commentaires

I will try to answer your answer I just auto-translated. :slight_smile:

The current state of compatibility to intercoms can be found at https://nuki.io/en/opener/ (or https://nuki.io/fr/opener/). If your model is not listed there you can still submit a request so we can see that there is demand for that model and check compatibility (based on that demand).

Especially with BUS intercoms it is hard to give general statements without doing some research and you have to understand that there is broad demand for different models at the moment.

Hi Stephan,

Do you have any update on this ?

I tried to connect it as mentioned in the https://developer.nuki.io/uploads/short-url/3naDfQDFbzh3Je7ytrNzRDscvFz.PDM

It recognizes the signals when I push on the doorbell. Or on the door unlock button during the calibrations. But the Nuki can not unlock the lock.

I expect that the reason for this is:
The phone first need to be activated by someone who pushes the bell.
And than the phone horn needs to be removed before you can open the door with unlock button.

Do you have any idea how to resolve this ? ( I am waiting already 5months for a reply from Nuki )
my post: Nuki opener with Aiphone GT-1D

Hi Yannick,
there is an alternative installation flow ( for intercom systems that need activation) you can enter after retrying the Ring to Open test at the end of the setup routine. Did you try it?

yeah, I tried it.
but the door never opened

Hi Georg,

In the Beginning of this year I installed the door opener. But I still didn’t manage to get it working as I mentioned before ( Using the alternative installation with intercom activation )
I have more and more people contacting me who have the same questions/problems as me.

Could you guys please look into this ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Georg_S and @Yannick,

Im also waiting for the correct wat to install the opener with the Aiphone gt-1d.
Really hope someone can come up with a solution.

mvg Mike

Same here, I have Aiphone GF-1D