Nuki opener with Aiphone GT-1D


I am trying to install the Nuki opener on my Aiphone GT-1D

But the doorbell (yellow and orange is connected ) and a digital signal (blue and white)

How should I connect it ?

Thx for the help!

I tried to connect it as mentioned in the

It recognizes the signals when I push on the doorbell. Or on the door unlock button during the calibrations. But the Nuki can not unlock the lock.

I expect that the reason for this is:
The phone first need to be activated by someone who pushes the bell.
And than the phone horn needs to be removed before you can open de door with unlock button.

Anyone has an idea how to resolve this ?



@Yannick can you open the door after someone pushes the doorbell? And do you know if its possible to use Continuous Mode? I want to buy the opner for use with airbnb.

No, I am still waiting on a reaction of Nuki. To be able to let it work.

Ok thanks for the reply. But did you try with BUS?
Like this,

Yes, I connected this way.
But I tried alle the possible bus types that you can select in the Nuki app. But Non of them can unlock the front door.

The only thing it can detect is that someone rings at the front door.

Is there any update on this? I am also looking for a solution for holiday lets.


I am still waiting for any response from Nuki.
Please do not hesitate to contact them yourself.
Maybe they will act if they get this question multiple times …


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Hello Yannick,
I try to connect as Aiphone GT1C7L with Nuki.
Did you finally succed in setuping Nuki opener with your Aiphone device ?

No, Still waiting for a response from Nuki.
I will try to contact them again.

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Please keep us posted Yannick!

Hi Guys,

Has anyone found a solution for the Nuki opener in combination with the Airphone gt-1D?


No, I also don’t get any help from Nuki.

Also interested, have a Aiphone GF-1D and I haven’t found anything in the market to automate it.

I am also interested in the subject, I have the same intercom. Did you manage to get it to work with Nuki Opener?

Hello guys,

@Yannick did you get an answer from Nuki in the end?
I have to install my opener on my aiphone aswell and I really hope it could work! You’re my last hope!

I still have not received a response and I am still waiting to be able to make it work

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Hi everyone,

no progress on this topic?


On the Foto its a bit hard to see the opener wires, - where do you have connected the blue and purple opener wire?

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Hi Lou, did you manage to make it work?