Opener Beta 1.9.0 Beta not opening anymore

Hi, after the latest update to 1.9.0 Beta (installed 2.9.), the Opener does not open the door anymore. It detects the ring, the supression also works, but it does not “push” the open button anymore. I am running Opener in generic mode.

same here. :(.

An entry in the log says unknown error 0xFE.


please install the new Opener Beta 1.9.1 as this version will resolve the described issue.

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Many thanks,

I will try this tonight.


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same problem … FW 1.9.1 is shown in iOS App, but page frees with some strange text: NUKI, DISCOVER NUKI FOR …
I only can go back to the previous page, but no way to start the FW update … Any idea???

I can confirm that with 1.9.1 the problem is solved!

However there is some strange text showing up if one tries to update the FW via the iOS-App. It only works when you follow the notice in the upper right corner (a new FW is available)

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