Open two doors with Generic BtCino

I installed my Nuki Opener to a BtCino intercom system following the Generic bus option since I only had two wires to work with.
When setting up the app software I could enter that I wanted to open two doors and both could only be openend after the bell rang and an single button would then open the door.
Since I was alone during this setup I could not do this for the first door downstairs en just did for both doors the same procedure (ring bell and open) at the door upstairs. This has worked for a while although the app gave me an PIN error so I could not do anything in there. Since the upstairs door worked I just left it like that for a while. Until yesterday when I had a power and wifi loss and had to do the whole setup again.

To my surprise I could not select two doors anymore. When setting up Generic → BtCino I can ring a doorbell and open, but then it continues to "“Please step outside to the doorbell next to the front door” and when i then ring the doorbell next to the upstair intercom door, it just shows the spinning icon and it times out.

How can i set up the Nuki so it works? Does anyone know? Do I need something different than the Generic->BtCino?

Unfortunately, the Nuki Opener does not fully decode the bticino SCS protocol, it only captures/replays packets, which might work in some cases, but did not work reliably at all in my case.

I have written quite a lot about the underlying issue and the fix that I ended up using:

Hope this helps, and I also hope that some day Nuki developers will actually implement proper bticino support…

you may give it a vote to increase the chance for implementing Michaels Solution here: