One FOB to Opener and SmartLock

I try associate one FOB to OPENER and SmartLock.

Config in OPENER

Config in SmartLock

Result: Don’t work… Sometimes OPENER don’t respond or sometimes SMARTLOCK don’t respond

if i associate just one dispositive work well.

Is a bug?

Thank you

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The fob will always connect to the nearest Nuki device (strongest bluetooth signal) first, so your intended setup won’t work in general.
As most users do not have the Opener in Bluetooth range in standard setups, this won’t effect them. But I can clearly see the idea behind your settings.

Best add a feature request for this kind of usage for the Fob and start collecting votes for it. So we can see if there is broader demand for it and check whether and how this could possibly be implemented.

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isn’t it possible that the FOB is connecting to the Smartphone witch is then connect to the Opener via the Bridge?
so it would be possible to open the Opener with the FOB


Hi Stephan,
Same with my configuration and one of my neighbors.

At my location Opener and Lock/Bridge are close (3m Distance). Lock is closer to the main entrance of the house compared to the opener… My neighbors configuration is side by side (opener is 20cm away from the lock).

It’s always luck which lock reacts first on the FOB signal. Currently it’s very close to useless.

What I would recommend is a FOB with two buttons ‚, one for the Opener and one for the Lock. Or as another solution: That you can tell the FOB which device it should call (via 1-Click, 2-Click). I assume the FOB itself is not “intelligent“, therefore I assume the 1-Click, 2-Click workaround won’t work.


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PharaDos, IMHO this makes only sense if you use the FOB because you don’t want to pull out your phone.

I strongly assume, the FOB is widely used to provide someone access to something, without the need to add more users to the lock.

Yes this is the reason. It is faster to press the fob then take out the phone unlock it and open the app.
Geofence won’t work when I’m to close. For example bring out trash or go to the car.

Damn, run into the same problem.
Didn’t realize this wouldn’t work.

my workaround now:
Adding the NUKI stuff to a smarthome solution that uses the HTTP API and use a wallswitch next to the entry as an Ring-To-Open activator (Sadly my Opener isn’t reachable as in most installations).
That way I can activate RTO in the cases where I just leave a few minutes like for bringing out the trash.

But I would also love to see a solution for this.

@Nuki: Is there a technically solution in case you would see this as a feature request with enough supportes?
E.g. connecting the Fob to the bridge instead of Lock and Opener and let the bridge start the actions on both devices?

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Without hardware modification the only solution would be to offer a possibility to map 1 click and 2 click behavior to dedicated devices inside the Fob managment. If you want to have this you can create a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

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Oh, wow, that is really, really disappointing.

I was promising my whole family that we won’t distribute keys to the kids but instead become a smart family with a smart entrance solution. Losing a key would costs thousands in our rental house/apartment because they would immediately call a service to exchange at least our lock.

So there came NUKI – I thought.

My 10-year-old daughter has an iPhone and is able to open the house-door via Opener and then the SmartLock at the appartment-door. She can’t lose a key, and she will probably not lose her iPhone… :wink:

The 6-year-old daughter was also excited to get a Fob and be able to come home from school earlier and unlock house-door (Opener) and apartment-door (SmartLock) all by herself.

We even have a Bridge, which I thought would bridge between the internet, the WiFi and the products using Bluetooth.

Now it seems that the Fob is kind of a random thing which connects to the Opener (3 m distance Opener to house-door) and then does nothing any more. The bridge (thin wall and just 2 m distance to apartment-door) is not able to say: “Hi Fob, I recognize your press – you have opened the Opener/house and now you want to open the SmartLock/apartment.”

The Fob will be treated like a stupid bluetooth device and the Opener will also not be a very smart part of this system?

I might need a voucher for a second Fob for my younger daughter, so she can do one process with two (stickered) Fobs: 1 for the Opener and 1 for the SmartLock.

Otherwise it’s a truly sad discovery, and I will not risk letting my daughter stand in the cold and playing bluetooth-roulette.

Please tell me what to do. I cannot buy her a smart phone instead of a Fob – she’s in first grade.

Kind regards,

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When the Fob is paired to several devices it scans for the actuator with the strongest signal and unlocks this one.

Usually the BLE reach of the Fob is not big enough to reach the Opener when in front of the buildings main entrance. Fob support for the Opener was intended for usage scenarios where the Opener is mounted directly next to the door that should be unlocked and not for the scenario where Smart Lock and Opener are next to each other inside the flat and both within BLE reach from the front door.

There is a feature request covering your problem. You could vote for it: Make Fob work with several devices (e.g. Smart Lock and Opener) at the same time

Other options for the time beeing are to use a Keypad with one of the actuators and the Fob only with the other one or to link the Opener via IFTTT together with the Smart Lock (i.e. If the Opener has been unlocked with the Fob then also unlock the Smart Lock).

For more information please contact our support via or for more detailed information.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.


Hi Jürgen,

brilliant – thank you. I took the Fob out of the SmartLock and then created the IFTTT routine which “opens” the SmartLock-Door (not just unlocks it) if the Opener is triggered by a certain Fob.

My little daughter tried it out and then proudly said: “Wooowwww! Such a little thing can bring so much joy.”


EDIT: Sorry for (mis)using this forum for questions like this one. Ayse told me on the phone before my system purchase that my scenario with a Fob for both Opener and SmartLock would work with a 1-click vs. 2-click routine. And she also told me to go to the developer forum for questions like this one. Is there any other user-forum?

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No, nothing official from Nuki. There is a german speaking facebook group, some conversations on reddit and some threads in other, mostly Smart Home Hub specific forums.



I bout the Fob to control both, the opener and the Smartlock. But, it won’t work. I thought, that the fob already can control two devices via the button Settings. But it won’t.

My situation is, that I am living in the Basement which both devices are reachable at the same time.

For my usecase I have to use two fobs at the same time which makes the fob useless for more family houses.

Please implement, that the fob can be decide which device is meant by button press.

Actually, one fob can be connected to more than one device. But, this is only usefull, if the enddevices are having a greater distance. For one family houses this should work but not for more family houses.

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