Make Fob work with several devices (e.g. Smart Lock and Opener) at the same time

Product name

Nuki Fob

Summary / Problem

If you have a Opener and a Smart Lock at Home you can tell your Fob that it opens the door by pressing the Fob-button once and that it shall open the Smart Lock by pressing the Fob-button twice. Unfortunately this is not possible in practice, because the Fob just communicates with the next device with the best signal strength. So it can happen that after pressing the Fob-button twice, the opener sends a positive feedback to the Fob, but at the same time does not perform any action because it is not set up to react on pressing the Fob-button twice (e.g. it should react on pressing the Fob-button once). The Smart Lock set up for pressing the Fob-button twice does not notice that the Fob-button has been pressed twice and that it should open the door. It still does nothing.

Features / Solution

The Fob must be able to distinguish which device it is communicating with. Then it can control if the right action is performed by the right device!


If you don’t have or want use a smartphone to open your doors you can use the Fob as an ‘digital key’. If you have a front door (open via Opener) and an appartment door (open via Smart Lock) which you both want to open with your Fob, it is necessary that your Fob communicates with the correct device - that which should perform an action! It must not happen that the Fob receives a positive feedback e.g. from the opener after pressing the Fob-button twice, altough this is set up as action in the Smart Lock.


When I come home without my smartphone I would like to open the front door by pressing the Fob-button once and when I then stand in the staircase I would like to open my apartment door by pressing the Fob-button twice.
At the moment it is no problem for me to open the front door via Opener pressing the Fob-button once. I have the problem, that the Fob comminucates with the Opener again when I am standing in the staircase and pressing the Fob-button twice - even if I hold the Fob very close to the Smart Lock which should open the door.

Is it possible to move this post to the “Feature requests” category? I think it fits better there thematically. Thanks!

Yes, sure. I should have done it already before. :wink:

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great proposal. Please implement!!!

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Do it, please!

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I had this problem, too. Please do it :wink:

When will this feature request be done? At the moment the fob I have bought is useless for me and for guests without the ability to control two different devices (Opener and Smartlock).

Yes please implement this.

Hello! Long, long time ago. What about this feature? Since i bought the fob it is useless for me without the ability to use one fob with a lock and opener at the same time.