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I need a ‘cellar mode’. So I can activate AutoUnlock when I leave and as soon I’m back the door opens automatically. The same thing is if you have to get stuff from your car even if u don’t leave geofence.
Another example is that you go to your letter box or if you just go to the neighbour.


I’d like a feature to active AutoUnlock. For example by a click on the lock. I leave home close the door and after a (configurable) time the locks starts to ‘search for my phone’ to unlock the door as soon as I come back.


I always need to use the phone, keypad etc to open the door when I come back out of the cellar, from my car, from my neighbour or from the letter box.
Even when I go to the backery next to me im still in the geofence area and have to open the door by myself.
The NukiOpener is fine here. I just start Ring2Open and as soon I’m back it opens the front door.


Like already mentioned all situations where u just leave home shortly.

That’s one thing that disturbs me too.

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This one seems to be a duplicate.

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The danger here is about the autounlock firing when you are actually inside the house. for instance there is no connection to the lock from the second floor of the house. If a family member goes downstairs and their phone is discovered by the lock? Should it unlock? This seems to be complicated.
Could we at leas have a smaller geo-fence? 50m is way too large. My local supermarket is within the geo-fence and the door never opens if I went to the supermarket and back.
Something surely needs to be done in this respect.

No that should not happen automatically, only manually. For example by a tip on the lock, when you leave.
The lock waits a little time (adjustable time would be great) and if you come back after this time is over the door will be unlocked again.
I just need a way to active the “search my Lock” somehow without influence of the geofence