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Nuki Android App


Force enabling auto-unlock mode when we move out of our house but not enough fare


Sometimes we move out of our house but still staying in geofence perimeter.
So if we want to use auto-unlock, even if we are just in front of the door it won’t be unlocked automatically.
So it could help to have the option to specify frome this moment, as soon as the smart lock can be unlcked, it has to be unlocked automatically.


If I move out only some meters frome my house, I have to manually unlock the lock using the app.


My garage is some meters fare frome my house, in fact fully independent.
So I go to my garage, do what I have to do.
And before leaving it, I activate this mode so when I am in front of my lock, it will be unlocked automatically.
Because for the moment, I have to use the Android app to unlock manually so if I have things in the hands I have to put their on the floor, taking my smartphone and unlock the door because I did not move enough fare.

I talk about the Android app but it is applicable for IOS also.

Same as Feature Request Automatic "Ring to open" for Smart lock

@Nuki: please implement this :open_mouth:
A double tap on the lock to enable this and start the unlocking process 2 minutes AFTER closing the door would be fine.

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Could be a new option in settings to activate auto-unlock if you close the door with lock’n’go.