Nuki with Bticino 344282 CLASSE100 A16E

Hi there, I was talking to the electrician and he told me that it is not possible to use a different intercom, than in the other flats. As I´m not aware of this topic, I´ve believed him. But now, you say, I can use another Intercom from the same producer (here bticino) and it would work? Here is the list, which intercom is compatibel with Nuki Nuki Opener - Smarten up your intercom. Can u pls. tell me, which one should be possible?

I have take a look, but this intercoms are every time a hole system, I don’t think you can exchange it, without really knowing about the bticino model lines. I think your best bet is, to try to contact bticino themselves, and ask if you can exchange it with a other Model line, and what for models these are, and when one (or more) of them are on the nuki compatibility list, you can try to get one of these.

I´ve just sent an e-mail to the bticino contact in Austria. Hopefully, I´ll get an answer, soon.
Thanks a lot for your great support!

No problem, let me know, when you get some information back from them!

Hi! I got an answer from Bticino - they have confirmed that it is not compatible. What a pitty. Thanx for your help.

Sorry to hear that.

I’ve got a intercom CTCINO 344282. I read all the forum because I had the same problem. But I past all the week-end find a solution, and… I FOUND it! It’s working well! you can se my plugs on pic. But now I’ve another pb, I don’t have notification when one person ring my door.

Hello Vincent,

Can you confirm that the Opener works with the Bticino BT-344282 ?

If yes, can you share your wiring diagram ? I recently moved to a new flat that have this one and I’m hesitating to buy the Opener for it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Yes, pls share a diagram! I have the same intercom, but no light blue wire ?

I got the opener to work with my bt-344282. the only thing i’m still trying to figure out is why the ring surpression doesnt work. This is the situation before adding the nuki opener

I can only add one image per post. let me create a second post for the situation after adding the nuki opener

This is what the cabling looked like afterwards. I did try a setup that also worked which was to add the black nuki cable to my red wall cable in the intercom connector. The Red and Orange nuki cable with the blue wall cable in the same connector on the intercom.

In the app i selected:
Brand: Generic
Model: BUS (BTCINO).

hope this helps some other people.

It works. Thank you.

This can be opened perfectly in the “Open Door” app.

However, in continuous mode, the signal from the Nuki Opener is too short. It only clicks briefly, which isn’t enough to open the door.
Can this be switched longer in the software? Then this would also work perfectly on the door system.

The following configuration "Generic Bus (Bitcino) is used

I hope a developer is reading along and can fix this quickly.

What do you mean with the open door app?

In continuous mode, the signal was too short for the door closer.

Now it works perfectly.

How do I get in this mode where is the option and can you sent me a photo of your cables that would be great so I can easily understand how to connect

I send you a PN

I just received Nuki Opener. I have Bticino 344282, and I have tried the setup Maurice shown. But while configuring, I am unable to open the door with nuki app. Since that point, everything is working fine.
The only feature I need currently is to open the door with Nuki opener.
Is there any specific configuration process how to achieve this ?

Hello ppl

I have tried both Vincent Tissot as well as Maurice montages and none of them worked for me …

Here’s a picture:

Do you guys can help me out? Maybe there’s something I’m missing


Hello Benny

Can you send me the same PN please? I’m struggling and need to figure out how to solve it, thank you! :slight_smile:

Do not put two cables on the green connection.
In my case, one of them had no contact. Use another clamp here and only go there with one cable

And then use the Beta Generic to set up for BTicino.

I send you a PN#