Nuki Opener Btcino 344282

Kann mir jemand genau erklären wie man den opener bei der btcino 344282 installiert?
Aktuell ist die Verkabelung ohne opener so
“Can someone provide me with precise instructions on how to install the opener for the Btcino 344282? Currently, the wiring is without the opener.”

Ich wäre so dankbar für eine genaue Beschreibung was ich tun muss. Ich bin Rollstuhlfahrer und mir würde es unglaublich helfen. Hab gesehen es hat bei anderen geklappt mit dieser Anlage. Bräuchte genaue Anleitung

“I would be so grateful for an exact description of what I need to do. I am a wheelchair user, and it would incredibly help me. I’ve seen it work for others with this system. I need precise instructions.”

Where did you see that it worked for others? There are many many posts about trouble with Nuki and bTicino in this forum.

I can’t quite say for sure, but it looks like this bTicino unit uses the 2-wire SCS bus system. If so, compatibility with the Nuki Opener will be hit or miss depending on the quality of the wiring in your house. It might work or it might not, the only way to find out is to try it out.

Unfortunately, the Nuki Opener does not fully decode the bticino SCS protocol, it only captures/replays packets, which might work in some cases, but did not work reliably at all in my case.

I have written quite a lot about the underlying issue and the fix that I ended up using:

Hope this helps, and I also hope that some day Nuki developers will actually implement proper bticino support…

Here: Nuki with Bticino 344282 CLASSE100 A16E - #14 by Maurice
And Nuki Opener Anschlussplan (Gegensprechanlage überbrücken?) - #5 by Mrcl

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I have a bticino 334202 which is not formerly supported. I used the closest bticino model instructions for contentions and it worked out. Try the same quick and dirty approach.

@Alexskan I have 2 questions:
Do you have a photo how you weird it so I can try?
I guess I have the same model ( 334202) based on photo on Internet but I didn’t found the information anywhere written on it … do you know where It is