Nuki Web Login caching issue

Ok, thanks for the clarification! - I was thinking this with email, because I have set it up with “login over google” and have now the issue, that when I want to login in nuki-web, I get asked for the email and password of course, but at first there is no “login over google” button, and when I give in the right datas of my google account, I get always a error message that it’s not possible, and only after this first login and error, I have to refresh the page and the “login over google” button shows up now, and when logging in now over google it works, - please look screenshots, I made one on each step! Thanks, and a merry Christmas!

I allowed myself to split this in a separate topic as it has nothing to do with IFTTT.

This looks like a caching issue with your browser where still the old page (prior to adding Google/Apple account support) is loaded. Or is it the same if you try with a browser with which you never used Nuki Web before?

You should try to delete local cache. If this does not help maybe also try to delete session storage and local storage in the browser.

Thanks for the suggestion, - I have tried now with different browsers (opera, chrome, samsung, firefox), and unfortunately all are showing the same behaviour what I described before, in mobile and desktop mode.