Nuki Software Bridge issue connecting with Nuki APP

I understand that Nuki has stopped update on Nuki software bridge. But I am trying to make it work with an old android phone. The Nuki software bridge connect to smart lock (3.0) very well. However, the Nuki App cannot connect to the Nuki software bridge. The nuki app requests to hold nuki bridge button for 5 seconds into pairing mode. Since it is a software bridge and there is no physical button, I tap the plus icon as I connect it to the smart lock. The nuki app cannot find and pair to the software bridge. Does anyone have similar experience and knows how to make it work. Thank you

nuki still does update the bridge.

Thank you for reply. I am referring to the software bridge app for android phone.

@MatthiasK Please help

You do not need to pair the software bridge with your app. Once you have set it up and the Smart Lock is connected to it, the app will have remote access automatically.

But support for the Software Bridge has been dropped before the Smart Lock 3.0 has been introduced. Therefore it can easily be that it does not work or works only partially if you try to use it with a Smart Lock 3.0.

Thank you for your reply. But the software bridge app shows it connect successfully with the server and the smart lock 3.0. Is there a way to find the error and make it work?

No. It won’t help you much, but the only thing you could try is to connect a Smart Lock 2.0 and see if it works with that. If that works, the problem is specific to Smart Lock 3.0.

ok, thank you

Hi Jumper, did you make it?
I have a same situation as you.