Nuki Smart Lock v.2 Firmware 2.4.1 Beta


(Stephan Lendl) #1

Since yesterday the Smart Lock v2 Beta 2.4.1. is available

Change log

  • Improves HomeKit stability
  • Resolves “Position Detection” (“Positionserkennung”) issues
  • Fixes battery warnings and incorrect battery type recognition

Please update and notify us if you continue to have problems with the features listed above.

(Thomas Jlatte) #3

How Can i find The Download for Beta 2.4.1?

(Stephan Lendl) #4

If you are already in the Beta you check for an update in the App manually (Manage Smart Lock > Firmware update) if you didn’t get a notification for an update yet.

(Thomas Jlatte) #5

Ist Not in the beta yet…

(Stephan Lendl) #6

O.k., then you can either join the Beta or have to just wait some more, as the FW version 2.4.1 should go public this week anyway.