Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.4.1 Beta

Since yesterday the Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.4.1. is available

Change log

  • Improves HomeKit stability
  • Resolves “Position Detection” (“Positionserkennung”) issues
  • Fixes battery warnings and incorrect battery type recognition

Please update and notify us if you continue to have problems with the features listed above.

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How Can i find The Download for Beta 2.4.1?

If you are already in the Beta you check for an update in the App manually (Manage Smart Lock > Firmware update) if you didn’t get a notification for an update yet.

Ist Not in the beta yet…

O.k., then you can either join the Beta or have to just wait some more, as the FW version 2.4.1 should go public this week anyway.