NUKI Smart Lock for enthusiasts

This night I have to mention with regrets that NUKI is meant for the people at least with a little skills in technology. I’m an engineer of IT networks and electronics with an experience of 30 years. But unfortunately, tonight, I couldn’t enter to my house at all, and I didn’t have a physical key with me. My kids couldn’t get in some times earlier, and my wife also (who I’m getting a divorce from (isn’t it great?) :stuck_out_tongue: ) Even though, not so funny!

So, please, have a physical key with you EVERY TIME! Or put it somewhere in the bush, or give it to your neighbor - to get in, at least on an occasion of emergency. But - it’s cool, of course, to get a little view of your home by side for a while. For some hours… or days… Until the Bluetooth contacts… (The BT was OK but the Lock was “offline” and “offline” and “offline”…)

For me, it’s enough and I will return the Lock 2.0 to Amazon!

Be cool! I’ll get out from this forum, because I can’t feel something could change very soon. And this message is not an anti-campaign! Keep getting your locks with blessings!


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Same happened to me as well. Lock just showed offline.
Could not open the door and needed support from the neighbors who have a :key: