Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) Matter-Thread Support?

Hallo liebes Entwickler Team,

wie sieht es beim Smart Lock 3.0 mit Matter bzw. Thread Support aus, auch über ein nachträgliches Update?

Hello dear developer team,

what about the Smart Lock 3.0 with Matter or Thread Support, maybe even with a future update ?


Thread is a transport protocol like WiFi.
Matter is an application protocol on top of either WiFi or Thread.
Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has built in WiFi and Smart Lock 3.0 has WiFi access through the bridge. Therefore Matter is technically possible.

But we can’t (and won’t) share more about Matter compatibility as long as the standard is not finalized and none of the big players has laid out detailed plans for their Matter certification programs. Furthermore we don’t comment on the roadmap here in the forum. Please follow our blog for official announcements.

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The Matter specification does not allow Battery operated Wi-Fi devices. Nuki should really von wider changing their total architecture from Wi-Fi and Bridges mixed with Bluetooth to Thread and Matter. It would be the smartest move. Energy management should be prioritized… using a motor to turn a key already very inefficient

This would mean, to change the overall system of nuki, Hardware and Software. Then it would be better, to start a hole new system or product line, or looking for a other system, what suits the tasks better, when nuki is not the right one.

Well, there are announcements now by other brands, e.g. Matter-compatible smart locks on the way: Yale Assure 2 range

Matter is future

Is there any update on this by the nuki team now that the matter 1.0 is released?

I am also interested into this.

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Me too. Any update on matter and thread for existing or new devices planned?

There is something new about this topic on the Nuki blog:


Looks great!

Will we need to buy new devices or is it compatible with older locks?
If yes, which locks? Only 3 pro or also the 2 with a bridge?

Will this open the possibility for Homekey, or does this require nfc?

You won’t get answers to your questions here in the Developer Forum. The Nuki Blog, press news or social media postings from the Nuki accounts are the sources for news or answers to questions like this.

Why is that Jürgen?
Isn’t the prototype also developed by Nuki developers? Why is the blog a better place than developer forum?
Or is that a company policy that you are not allowed to speak more on it?

As a company you have to somehow control which informations are for internal use and which are public information. This is usually done by routing everything through a PR department where such decision processes happen. As not every post here in the forum or every mail sent from customer support can go through a check with the PR department, it is a common practice do not talk about unreleased stuff, roadmaps, plans etc. at all in all channels that are not managed by PR. Nuki has adopted this policy too.

So, yes it is a company policy.

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looking foward guys :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about buying a Nuki Opener. But I’m still waiting for the Matter news.
If Nuki announce matter support, I will immediately buy this device!


I just bought a Nuki Pro 3. It is still unpacked, and I’m now thinking of returning it as it seems Matter will not be supported for this device. Any thoughts on this?

I searched the forum and understand only updates on the blog are given. A new version with Matter support might be released this year, but no word on existing devices. I hope to get clarity, otherwise I will return is.

I bet that matter support for Nuki will not happen very soon. Not alfa or even beta version in sight ?

It would be helpful if at least some clarity is given by the Nuki team.

Is Matter support planned for current devices on sale, Nuki (Pro) 3???

Speaking about mstter too confidential matter for Nuki ?