Nuki shortcuts not selectable but working (for 1 of 2 locks)

Hello together,

I want to open my locks with nfc tags. Therefore I need to add the locks in the shortcut app on iOS.
But I am not able to create a new shortcut with the nuki locks as the app is not available there. I thought nuki simply does not support the shortcut app, but in the recommendation section there was one of my two locks available to choose and it’s working. So I am sure that in general it should be possible. But i dont know how. Any idea?

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I also have the same problem.
Any suggestion ?

Hello! Maybe it’s a idea to use ifttt for this?

@Rose_Languste This a special feature in iOS so I don’t think suggesting IFTTT makes sense here. :wink:

I meant it as alternative, but I have no ios, so I can be wrong!? Thanks for the clarification!

You need to perform at least one lock action for a given Smart Lock to show up in the Shortcut suggestions.

After a while the Nuki app shows up in the Shortcuts app section. (Not sure why/when this happens.)